Visa for Quebec City, Quebec

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Visa for Quebec City, Quebec - Canada

This article provides information on getting an eTA or a visa for Quebec City. A valid visa or eTA is required prior your departure to Canada.

Visa and eTA overview

Citizens of visa-exempt countries such as the European Union countries, Australia, and others can apply for an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) if they're arriving to Quebec City by air. This eTA is necessary even for transit through a Canadian airport, but is not needed for entry by road or sea. The only exceptions to these travel requirements are US citizens, anyone with a valid Canadian visa, and those with Canadian citizenship (including dual) or permanent residency.

It's easy to apply for your eTA online, and in most cases your application will be approved within minutes. Occasionally it may take longer, and in such cases, you'll be informed by email within three days, telling you which further steps you need to take to have your application approved. You can check your application status online at any time, and update your details if necessary.

Once your eTA has been issued, it is valid for multiple visits lasting six months or less, within a period of five years from the date of issue or until your current passport expires. Alongside an eTA, all the usual basic entry criteria apply, such as being able to show you can finance your visit and have genuine plans to leave the country before the end of your allowed period.

A full list of visa-exempt countries can be found by visiting the eTA requirements. Nationals of other countries will require a full visa to enter Canada by any method and for any purpose.

Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

The Canadian eTA is an electronic travel authorization that is intended to simplify the process of entering Canada for common travel purposes such as tourism, business or transit. Individuals wishing to visit Canada for under six months, for the purposes of tourism, business, transit, or receiving medical treatment may be eligible. A Canadian eTA is issued for up to five years' from the date of approval, or until the date of passport expiry, whichever comes first.

The Canadian eTA enables passport holders of dozens of countries to apply online for travel authorization without the need of a visa for Quebec City.

There are a wide variety of uses for a Canadian eTA, from attending family weddings to speaking at a business conference. However, there are limitations to using an eTA. If used in an unauthorized manner, an approved eTA can be revoked from an applicant. It is thus important to make sure eTA applicants understand the full scope of permitted travel uses of an eTA.

Approved business use

Although a Canadian eTA is typically thought of as a tourist travel authorization, it can also be used for business purposes.

With an eTA, travelers can visit Canada to meet with business associates, settle an estate or negotiate a business contract. Although it is not a work visa, a Canadian eTA can be used to conduct business meetings in Canada. If you plan to travel to Quebec City for a business meeting using an eTA, you may be asked to provide additional documentation during your eTA application or at the Canadian border. You will likely be required to prove that your main source of income is received outside of Canada, and that your employer is also based outside of Canada.

You can also attend a business conference in Canada with a Canadian eTA. If you use your eTA for this purpose, you may be asked by Canadian immigration personnel to prove that you are not employed nor seeking employment in Canada.

Approved tourism use

Most people get an eTA for tourism purposes. Permitted tourism purposes include activities such as sight-seeing, and visiting with friends or family.

Approved transit use

A Canadian eTA can also be used for transit purposes, whereby a traveler is switching airplanes on Canadian territory while en-route to a non-Canadian destination.

Unauthorized use

Although there are many approved uses for a Canadian eTA, there are also some things you cannot legally do with an eTA.

You are not allowed to work in Canada with an eTA. Although you can use an eTA for some business purposes, you cannot hold or obtain employment in Canada using an eTA. Thus, you must apply for a work visa if you wish to be employed in Canada. This is true whether you want to move your career to Quebec City or hope for temporary employment. You cannot accept payment for any work in Canada without a proper Canadian work visa.

You also cannot study in Canada using an eTA. You must get a Canadian student visa if you want to attend school in Canada.

Requirements affecting eTA eligibility

  1. You can only use an eTA for entering Canada via aircraft.
  2. You must not have any prior refusals to enter Canada and no prior deportation history in Canada. If so, you will likely be denied an eTA.
  3. You must have an electronic passport.
  4. You must not have any highly infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, at the time of your visit or at the time of your eTA application.
  5. You must not have been previously convicted of any crimes causing serious harm or damage to people or property.

Canada eTA application process

To apply for an eTA, you will need your passport and employment details. You should allow between 15-20 minutes per application. Applications are usually processed and approved within minutes for most applicants. However, due to enhanced and automated security screening, your application may be flagged and require a manual review. During a manual review, you will be requested to provide additional information or documentation to process your eTA application. Failure to provide this information or documentation in a timely manner during the manual review will result in a denied eTA application.

Types of Canadian visas and permits

Canadian eTAs are only for individuals from visa-exempt countries and permanent residents of the United States. If you are not from a visa-exempt country, are not a U.S. citizen, and are not a permanent resident of the United States, then you will need a visa for Quebec City.

Tourist visa

A Canadian tourist visa is known as a Temporary Resident Visa, or TRV for short. Like an eTA, you can apply for this online. You can also apply using a paper-based application. The application requires more information and entails longer processing timelines than an eTA application.

Work permit

If you plan to work in Canada, either temporarily or indefinitely, you will need a work permit in addition to your eTA or TRV. Before you can apply for a work permit, you must usually have a job offer from a Canadian employer, although it is sometimes possible to waive this requirement depending on profession or the type of work an individual is able to do in Canada.

You can apply for a work permit either online or on paper. When you apply, you will need to certify that you will only work for the specific employer who has offered you a job, and that you will leave Canada at the end of your employment.

Study permit

Study permits are similar to work permits. To apply for a study permit, you must also have a TRV or eTA. All students need a study permit, with very few exceptions. Unless you will attend preschool, plan to apply for a study permit.

You can apply for a student visa online or on paper. You must agree that you will leave Canada at the end of your studies (unless you subsequently get a work permit), and you must show that you have adequate financial support to live in Canada.

Canadian visa application process

To apply for a Canadian visa, there are set number of steps which need to be followed. You can either apply online or apply on paper. For either type of application, you will be prompted to select the country where you are applying from as well as provide some information on your eligibility for your desired travel purposes.

Online application (eligibility restrictions)

The online application includes an instruction guide which is to be used to prepare the documents and forms needed to submit your Canada visa application. However, only eligible applicants can apply for a Canadian visa online. You can apply using the following link:

Paper-based application

To apply for a Canadian visa using the paper-based application, you will need to first download and print the application package, which includes all the relevant forms you will need to fill out. Once completed, you will need to pay a fee to process your visa application. Once paid, you can then submit your visa application for processing. To get started on your paper-based Canadian visa application, visit the following link:

Quebec City travel information

With a history dating back more than 400 years, Quebec City is one of the most intriguing places to visit in Canada. Sitting on the St. Lawrence River, the city is built on a charmingly compact scale compared to the vastness of the country that surrounds it, and makes for a perfectly relaxing yet stimulating destination, whether in the comfortable balminess of summer or the pristine beauty of the winter.

Quebec City is possibly the most European-style destination in North America, as befits its status as the only city in Canada which is almost completely French-speaking. Old Quebec is packed with historical buildings within its fortified walls, with the grand hotel Château Frontenac being a perfect example of the distinctive beauty of the quarter. Widely described as the most photographed hotel in the world, this ornate building boasts 600 rooms over 18 floors, and offers commanding views across the city.

The hotel is impressive up close, but for an even better view why not take a ferry across the river to Levis? Although this 1km journey takes only 12 minutes, it presents a quite different view of Old Quebec beautifully set against the vast sky, and mesmerizingly reflected lights in the water at night.

A little further afield is the Huron-Wendal Nation in Wendlake which offers a fascinating picture of the area's indigenous culture and history. The Huron-Wendal Museum takes the visitor back to the 17th century through dance, performance art, and storytelling, while also showcasing the traditional skills of the Nation through exhibits and artefacts.

However, as a reminder that nature is the real force in the area, the Montmorency Falls comprise an incredible waterfall 30m higher than the more famous Niagara, and only 15 minutes from downtown. You can either view the spectacle from the safety of the shoreline, brave the heights via the suspension bridge, or get in among the spray with a gondola ride around the pool at the bottom.


Whether you're looking for relaxing old-world charm, a taste of history, or a peak into the vast landscapes of the surrounding country, Quebec City makes an ideal destination for visitors to Canada, at any time of the year. Sort out your Canadian visa or eTA application well in advance of your departure date to ensure a hassle free experience at the departure gates or at the Canadian border.