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Who is exempt from needing a Canada eTA?

Updated: Jan 08, 2024 | Tags:: Canada eTA Requirements, Canada Entry Requirements, Cancel eTA Application

Travellers from many countries don't require visas when travelling to Canada. Instead, residents of these nations must apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization, or eTA. However, not everyone from a visa-exempt nation needs an eTA. This article provides a brief guide to Canada's eTA exemptions. Canada's Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is a crucial entry requirement…

What types of passports can be used for a Canada eTA application?

Updated: Jan 05, 2024 | Tags:: Cancel eTA Application, Canada eTA Passport

A passport is an important piece of documentation that allows the bearer to travel internationally for a specified period. You may be aware that there are several different types of passports. The type of passport you use to travel to Canada will determine if you are eligible to apply for an eTA or with a visa. Here is a brief guide of the main types of passports and their eligibility…

The experience of travelling on a Canada eTA

Updated: Jan 05, 2024 | Tags:: Canada Entry Requirements, Cancel eTA Application, Canada eTA Processing

An eTA is a convenient travel authorization that provides individuals with the ability to travel to Canada without the need of a visa. Alternative forms of travel authorization into Canada include a Canada visa or a Temporary Residence Permit, both of which require longer processing timelines and higher application fees.

Can a Canadian eTA be cancelled?

Updated: Jan 04, 2024 | Tags:: Cancel eTA Application, Canada eTA Status

Learning about the process of Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) cancellation in Canada can be complex. Whether it’s due to a change in travel plans, passport renewals, or other reasons, understanding the specifics of how and if an eTA can be cancelled is essential for any traveller. This article aims to provide a detailed exploration of the eTA cancellation process, including timelines, options,…