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Further signs of hope as Canadian immigration numbers climb

Updated: Mar 11, 2021 | Tags:: COVID-19, Canada Immigration

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a shock to all areas of Canadian life, and immigration is no exception. Numbers of new arrivals in 2020 were down compared to 2019 as travel restrictions introduced to curtail the spread of the virus made it harder for people to travel from overseas to Canada. Even for those who were already resident in Canada, the closure of offices and other facilities meant that…

What can you take on a plane to Canada?

Updated: Jan 09, 2024 | Tags:: Canada Travel Restrictions, Air Passenger Rights

Airlines have very strict rules about what you can and cannot bring on to an aircraft, and there are a number of items that have very specific rules attached to transportation. If you are travelling to and from Canada, you can review the information in this article to determine what it is permissible to take with you during your journey.

New travel restrictions come into effect as immigration numbers drop

Updated: Feb 16, 2021 | Tags:: COVID-19, Canada Immigration

The global Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on travel and immigration to Canada. This impact takes several forms: Covid-19 has made it harder for new permanent residents to settle in Canada, as well as reducing travel to Canada for all other reasons. New immigration figures reveal the impact of Covid-19 The government has released its final statistics on new permanent…

Air Passenger Rights when flying to Canada

Updated: Jan 09, 2024 | Tags:: Canada Travel Restrictions, Air Passenger Rights

For those travelling to and from Canada, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) oversees rules and rights appertaining to flights. There is a wealth of information available to ensure passengers understand the regulations and their rights when they are travelling which are…

Covid-19 restrictions lead to continued air travel slump

Updated: Jan 21, 2021 | Tags:: COVID-19, Canada Arrivals Statistics

Statistics Canada has released its quarterly report on international arrivals by Canada to air. This report covers the fourth quarter of 2020, including the months from October to December, and reveals an air travel sector still badly hit by the travel restrictions needed to limit the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Travel restrictions In March 2020, the federal government introduced…

Covid-19 vaccination developments reveal future of Canadian immigration

Updated: Jan 08, 2021 | Tags:: COVID-19, Canada Travel Restrictions, Canada Immigration

The global coronavirus pandemic has had a significant effect on immigration to Canada, leading to significant drops in the numbers of new arrivals to the country. However, developments in the fight against Covid-19 a potential return to the government's high immigration target numbers. The government has also extended existing policies aimed at retaining temporary residents, which will make it easier…

Top cities to visit in Canada

Updated: Jan 09, 2024 | Tags:: Canada Tourism, Canada Visa, Canada eTA

Whether you’re looking for a vibrant, cosmopolitan city or a quiet, picturesque location, Canada has it all. With the second biggest landmass in the world, and the 38th largest population (36.5 million – just over half that of the UK), it could be described as pretty sparse. The vast majority of people live along the southern border with the United States in the provinces…

Canada's commitment to immigration after COVID-19 pandemic

Updated: Dec 18, 2020 | Tags:: COVID-19, Canada Immigration

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on immigration to Canada. Nonetheless, the government remains committed to its immigration plan targets, aiming to welcome hundreds of thousands of new arrivals in each of the next three years. With Canada now approving a coronavirus vaccine, the nation may be heading toward a future of lessened travel restrictions, but the vaccination process…

September 2020 figures show steep decline in travel to Canada

Updated: Nov 27, 2020 | Tags:: Canada Arrivals Statistics, Canada Tourism

Statistics Canada, the government's central statistics office, has released figures detailing the number of travellers to Canada in September 2020. The new statistics show a significant decrease both in new arrivals and in Canadians returning from trips abroad, with the total number of journeys down by over 95% from the figure for September 2019. These numbers reveal the dramatic effect that travel…

Flying to Canada while pregnant

Updated: Jan 09, 2024 | Tags:: Travelling while pregnant, Canada Entry Requirements

Traveling while pregnant can be difficult due to risks and challenges involved, but you can make it safer through careful preparation. One of the reasons why pregnant women fear traveling is their prevalence of certain infections and the risk of developing severe complications that can affect childbirth. You can learn…